Vita Brevis Ars Longa.

Life is short but Art is long.

Originally coined by the Greek physician Hippocrates to remind his disciples that the art of healing is longer than the life of its practitioner, nowadays this aphorism has been extended to refer to all forms of the arts.

A common interpretation would be that we, as human beings, are mortal and thus should anticipate death. And yet, something within us, and that flows out of us — ART — lives on.

Art is not merely appreciation of the aesthetics (beautiful things), but is representation of the human spirit itself. Art teaches us to see the beauty of life in a world that deluges our senses with coarse, temporal, mass-produced imitations. It presents life in a way that diverges from the ordinary, and in that manner, brings out the extraordinary loveliness of the world around us.

Art sharpens our imagination, and heightens our appreciation of reality that reaches far beyond the boundaries of time and space. It allows us to look into ourselves, through the souls of gifted individuals, and thereby find new meaning to our existence.

Art is not to be understood but to be experienced, and in so doing, we gain new understanding of ourselves.

To appreciate art is not to measure its worth in monetary terms, although people have constantly attempted to do so. A truly beautiful art is timeless hence immeasurable in its value.


pianoOn Wings Of Song (Liszt trans.)
by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy




Madonna of the Magnificat
(Madonna del Magnificat)

by Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi
(Sandro Botticelli)




In the following pages, a collection of works by renowned artists is presented as a very meager sample of art masterpieces. The intention here is simply to present a gateway from which one can begin to explore the fascinating world of art on one's own; a world which embraces many types of visual arts and other forms beside the visual arts. Space permitting, more works will be added in the future.

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vincent van gogh

Vincent van Gogh


pablo picasso

Pablo Picasso


grant wood

Grant Wood


marc chagall

Marc Chagall



Mary Azarian
woodcut artist



Sistine Chapel

The Creation,
Sistine Chapel, Rome


Digital Arts
apple orchard cypress swamp mountains with two moons



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