Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh


During his brief lifetime, Vincent van Gogh produced over 2,000 paintings and sketches. The selection presented here includes his most famous works: Sunflowers (one of seven) and Starry Night, popularized by singer-song writer Don Maclean in his moving ballad Vincent. The latter is the last of a trilogy of paintings that feature star lit skies; the other two being Café Terrace on the Place du Forum at Night, and Starry Night over the Rhone.

Vincent van Gogh is also celebrated for his magnificent portraits, which he painted throughout his life and which reflect the development of his style and his genius. He painted himself whenever he could not afford a model, and those of the people he knew. Portrait of Doctor Gachet is among the most well-known of his portraits, notably for its distinction as the most expensive painting ever sold at an auction. On May 15, 1990 it was sold within three minutes for US $82.5 million to Ryoei Saito, Japan's second-largest paper manufacturer.

The Potato Eaters is an example of van Gogh's early works, whereas Sunset: Wheat Fields with Crows represents one of his final works, painted within six months of his death. It vividly expresses the emotional turmoils he was going through at that time, as some would interpret from the vibrant colors he used, and the ominous presence of the crows. One can see the contrast in style between this painting and his earlier landscape works such as Harvest at La Crau. Some of his best and most moving works were nevertheless produced during the three years preceding his death (1887-1890), many of which depict French landscapes and life in the countryside.

potato eaters

The Potato Eaters
Nuenen, April 1885

woman sitting

Woman sitting in the Café du Tambourin
Paris, February/March 1887


Harvest at La Crau
Arles, June 1888

café terrace

The Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night
Arles, September 1888

starry night Rhone

Starry Night over the Rhône
Arles, September 1888


Vase with Sunflowers
Arles, January 1889

starry night

Starry Night
Saint-Rémy, June 1889


Half-figure of an Angel (after Rembrandt)
Saint-Rémy, September 1889


Portrait of Doctor Gachet
Auvers-sur-Oise, June 1890


The Siesta
Saint-Rémy, 1890

wheatfiled with crows

Sunset: Wheat Field with Crows
Auvers-sur-Oise, July 1890


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