The Sun and the Fog Contested
The Government of the Day –
The Sun took down his Yellow Whip
And drove the Fog away –

Emily Dickinson




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Vita Brevis. Life is brief.

How much time does a person have to live out his or her life? And how much of that time is spent chasing mirages: empty dreams, misguided ambitions, and meaningless hedonistic pursuits?

At this juncture of our human civilization, when a person's worth is largely determined by how much wealth he or she has amassed, or how high he or she has climbed the ladder of success, we are inclined to forget the truly important things in life. We become so absorbed in our quest for power, status, or material wealth that we are unable to see the ephemeral nature of our desires.

We forget those who love us, we put aside our values, and we ignore truth and the basic condition of the human existence: compassion. The love for and of one's neighbor. Our preoccupations have the tendency to turn back and enslave us.

Indeed, how much time do we spend driven by obligations and duties? Even if we are aware of the illusory nature of our ambitions, life dictates that we be part of the deception. To run along in the "rat race". It is the inevitable condition of the modern society, in that in order not to be beaten, we must beat the others. It is the price we must pay so we will not be left behind. So we will survive. Yet, when physical survival ceases to be a problem, it is survival of the spirit that comes to be threatened.


Muddy River, BrooklineKeukenhof Gardens, Lisse, the Netherlands


This web site is created as a place where one may reflect upon the trappings of human needs and greed, as one struggles to meet life's expectations and demands. It does not pretend to offer a solution, merely a resting stone where one can sit and re-orient oneself as one walks down the path of life.

In this site are images and words that I have found helpful in bringing back into focus that other side of life so easily forgotten.

I hope you find them just as helpful.

Thanks for visiting and do come back again soon.

Song for Our Children

August 25, 2017